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About Keystone Hearings and Appeals, LLC

Keystone Hearings and Appeals, LLC (KHA) is based in south-central Pennsylvania. Our headquarters are located at 61 West Louther Street, Carlisle, PA 17013.

KHA offers a range of alternative dispute resolution services, from neutral evaluations to mediation, arbitration, or more complex hybrid processes. Services are not only available to clients involved in complex matters, such as insurance or medical malpractice claims, but also to clients involved in general matters, such as landlord/tenant disputes, domestic issues, and contract claims.

In addition, KHA provides Medicaid/Medicare appeal processing, adjudicatory services and specialized claims services.

Where we serve

We provide services throughout Pennsylvania, pursuant to the needs of our clients. Although our judges are willing to travel throughout the state upon request, we recommend that clients choose judges from our roster who are based in or near their geographic area to facilitate a more affordable hearing process.

In some cases, clients may choose to conduct all proceedings via teleconference, which provides maximum convenience and savings for our clients. When clients opt for face-to-face proceedings, hearings are held at various sites around the state of Pennsylvania.

KHA utilizes neutral hearing locations that are equipped with amenities such as wireless internet, copy, and fax service, ample parking, and rooms available for overnight stays as needed by participants. The Attorney Case Manager and his or her staff handle arrangements for the hearing room, overnight reservations, and other details.