About Us

Keystone Hearings and Appeals, LLC (“KHA”) is an alternative dispute resolution organization. KHA was formed in 2010 as a means of harnessing the individual talents of numerous professionals, each being independently successful, and bringing them together to form a versatile resource for our clients.  Today, KHA maintains a roster of judges and attorneys who are skilled and experienced in various areas of the law.  Each has a level of training and experience as a judge, arbitrator, and/or mediator.  KHA offers this roster of talented hearing officers in order to provide adjudicatory services for all types of legal matters and disputes.

The collective experience of our roster encompasses multiple areas of civil and administrative law including, but not limited to, the following:


Aviation Law

Bankruptcy Law





Education Law

Elder Law

Environmental Law

Estate Law

Family Law

Health Law

Insurance Law

Labor Disputes


Land Use

Medical Malpractice



Mortgage Foreclosure

Municipal Law

Personal Injury

Real Estate

Right-to-Know Law

Social Security (SSD/SSI)


Unemployment Compensation

Workers Compensation

Our hearing officers are experienced in all areas of dispute resolution, including trial, arbitration, mediation, and hybrid processes that may be created on a case-by-case basis according to the goals of the participants.  Clients work with an Attorney Case Manager in each case to set the parameters of what the timeframe will be, who the judge(s) will be, and whether they are seeking a neutral evaluation, assisted negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or some other process.

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