Why Use Us?

Keystone Hearings and Appeals, LLC (KHA) enables clients to tailor the alternative dispute resolution process to suit their needs by making choices about where, when, and how their case will be handled. KHA also saves clients time and money by allowing them to forgo formal litigation and choose, instead, from a range of alternative dispute resolution services, including neutral evaluations, mediation, arbitration, or hybrid processes. Additional advantages of working with KHA are highlighted below.


● Participants choose the hearing officer(s)

● Participants are provided with an extensive roster of distinguished hearing officers

● Choose a single hearing officer or a panel of three

● Adjunct hearing officers available for specialty cases

● Participants choose the type of process and set the parameters

● Hearings are held in convenient geographic locations and/or via teleconference

● Teleconferencing is available for portions of a case or all aspects of a case

● Participants choose the timeframe

● Participants are able to realize results in less time, at less cost to them.

● Participants are afforded every assurance of impartial decision-makers on their case

● Ex parte communication is prevented

● Participants may choose to have the proceedings recorded either electronically or by a stenographer

● Participants may choose to have the final decision in their case presented in a written opinion

● Clerical issues, such as scheduling, are handled by an Attorney Case Manager who can provide superior assistance to hearing officers

No Case is Too Complex

In addition to the judges whose profiles are available for review, KHA has a roster of hearing officers who may be available for cases of an unusual nature.  When clients request neutral evaluations on cases that involve, for example, complex scientific issues, they may choose to present the case to experts in the relevant fields who will be retained by KHA for each individual case.  These adjunct hearing officers are knowledgeable in various fields, including medicine, science, engineering, and other specialty areas.

Our Fees are Flexible

Fees will vary depending on the service that is requested.  The Attorney Case Manager in each case will assist the participants in choosing the parameters of the process that would best address the issues of the particular case, and, in doing so, he or she will also identify the fee to be paid to KHA.  For some cases, the fee may be hourly or a flat fee may be applicable.  In situations that involve a group of cases, there may be an opportunity for a blended rate which is partially based on a flat fee and partially based on an hourly rate.

Flexibility and creativity are the hallmarks of KHA and we strive to be economically beneficial for participants whenever possible.